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Audio CD: 'Lichtungen - Eine Einladung zur Stille'
   - Text by Fritz Hegi about the CD-Album 'Lichtungen'


Audio-CD : 'Lichtungen - Eine Einladung zur Stille'
Piano - Improvisations

"Music is pure energy. At an elemental level, it is an event fashioned from vibrations and oscillations, an event taking place between the sound source, the field of resonance, and the human ear. When the physician and psychotherapist Rolf Verres turns into a musician and immerses himself in daydreams at his Fazioli concert grand, the result is elemental energy of this kind. He releases sounds from the resonant body of the instrument, loving them, as it were, out of the piano. Player and instrument merge into one. Sometimes we hear his breath or the work of his feet on the four pedals, the sound of the felt disengaging itself from the strings. The subtle recording communicates the entire range of these resonances. Sound in the vicinity of silence creates closeness."
Fritz Hegi

Fritz Hegi text in the CD Booklet 'Lichtungen': Musik is pure energy

  • am ursprung der sehnsucht
  • trauer
  • die entdeckung der langsamkeit
  • aus der ferne
  • lichter im dunkeln
  • dorothea geschenk gottes
  • zwischen himmel und erde

Rolf Verres playing the Fazioli 308

Recording: Uwe Krieg, Bayreuth
Sound engineer: Konstantinos Kontos, Thessaloniki
Mastering: Eroc's Mastering Ranch, Breckerfeld

Booklet: 36 pages, 4 colors with photographs by Rolf Verres and texts (german and english) by Fritz Hegi, Matthias Roth and Rolf Verres


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